MitakoBG On 22.6.09

Добавяне на изображение

MitakoBG On 21.6.09

This car isn't sumtin special... :/

Woohoo 10,085 viwers. ^^

MitakoBG On 20.6.09

MitakoBG On 18.6.09

"ropes" on the front bumper
3 lips on the front bumper
1 lip on the rear bumper
1 lip on each side kit
rollbar in the engine
custom rear bumper
trunk compressor
turbo engine
racing seats
trunk pins
hood pins
and more....

oh, and PJ :D
Time spend on this car: 9:30 (converting, tuning)

ufff, I won't to write more....
thanks to GTASAdriftlover and firestone for the help.

MitakoBG On 16.6.09

That's it-camber
the last pic just shows the camber with these wheels :D
Check and the previous topic.

MitakoBG On 15.6.09

5 pics? you don't need more xD
Front bumper:
Original from Juiced 2
Edited air vents, license plates, meshes, emblems...
and more, but I'm too lazy to write them. xD

oh, I've 4gIt sumtin, thank you firestone... again :D

MitakoBG On 1.6.09

I have better idea, then this in the video xD

MitakoBG On


Sumtin like this at 0:44 and 5:39 but without paintjob.
haha, my 50th topic or topic? xD