MitakoBG On 30.5.09

Watch the video! :D
That's the final of 350z.

MitakoBG On 18.5.09

MitakoBG On 15.5.09

Too lo'? I don't think so. xD
without any bugs?

Big thanks to:
DRIFT KING, why? for the brand new car xD
firestone, оти :D? е па... оти помогна за бъговете да го ева... :D
Bo_Duke(GTASAdriftlover)-for the support and help with the rims
and many others for the friendship!!!
their blogs:

I made it yesterday:

MitakoBG On 6.5.09

So.. that's Nissan Silvia S14 SUI:VEX
In game pics coming soon...

Big thanks to FIRESTONE for the freaky fast convert for me!

I have and 100% done PJ.

MitakoBG On 4.5.09

Well... when I was offline I made that.
So... what I don'?
On Ridox:
New engine
New suspension
New intercooler
New exhaust
New Interior and little fixes

On Do_Luck:
New intercooler
New hood
New engine
New Interior
New license plate
New paintjob