MitakoBG On 18.4.09

There is a cleo3 scvript nitrous from the exhaust of Titan supra ;)
Sry for the pics with old pj of the yellow dragster. xD
The both paints are mine.
BIIGGG THANKS to bgracer for the creating of this 2 vehicles.
nah, It's not the old Titan from his blog.

MitakoBG On 17.4.09

Waaazzzuuuppp, dog?
I think that's everything on my supra.
I'm too lazy to put new engine.... :D
Download-you know the rule....

MitakoBG On 16.4.09

yooo, this is it: :D
1.Evo X-100%
2.Evo VII-100%
3.S15-100% but not tuned, tuning-soon. :D
4.Toyota Supra-75%?

MitakoBG On 11.4.09

NO %#(*&@% DOWNLOAD!!!
Vroommm vrom vrom vroooommmmm mm m mmmm xD
Thanks to firestone and Bo_Duke for the MEGA HELP. xD

MitakoBG On 9.4.09

The paint is mine.
The car is by bgracer.
You can find him in my friend list.

MitakoBG On 7.4.09

This is all... xD

MitakoBG On

This is it. The first image is old WIP. The NFS-U pj is 100% ready.
Hope you and he like it. :]